BlockThreat - Week 43, 2021

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Not a good week for darkweb operators. Multiple international law enforcement agencies announced arrests ranging from malware and ransomware gangs to darkweb marketplace distributors. Just as expected, El Salvador’s bitcoin wallet airdrop scheme is being abused by scammers. CREAM Finance caused a mess not only for the astronomical amount stolen, but scaring AAVE users from pulling billions in liquidity thinking it may also be exploited. It’s always fun to watch DeFi hackers getting sniped by MEV bots which is exactly what happened in the MCN Token hack which also gets the silliest vulnerability award for leaving the burn function open.

Project updates: BlockThreat has a shiny new Twitter account and domain! Thanks to all of the supporters for your encouragement and funding continuous project development.





  • On October 30, 2021 BXH lost $139M after their private keys were compromised. Stolen funds have since been swapped to BTC and ETH chains.

    BSC: 0x48c94305bddfd80c6f4076963866d968cac27d79
    BTC: 1JwQxqfcHJn3nRgjFv3ZJD2MqUywbKu9oU




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