BlockThreat - Week 37, 2021

SushiSwap | pNetwork | OpenZeppelin | Capoae | REvil

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This week’s edition is jam packed with post-mortems, vulnerabilities, research papers, and the latest in blocksec news. A truly bizarre hack happened involving the Kia Sedona auction on SushiSwap with all of the funds returned after the attacker received a miso soup delivery along with a not so friendly legal call. IRS is at it again soliciting exploits for hardware wallets, another cross-chain protocol loses $12.5M, new cryptominer malware family, and more in this never dull space. You can find all of the incidents below in the OpenBlockSec incidents directory.

Let’s dive into the news, but first a special thank you to all of the Gitcoin Grant supporters as well as who sponsored this week’s edition:







Other Incidents



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